Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hassas Photography - The Ethan Edition

One day while I was frantically attempting to get my house in order, I heard Ethan tell me, "Mommy, say cheese." Frazzled, I turned to look at him only to find him with MY new pink camera in hand snapping my picture. Too shocked to scold him, I grabbed the camera from him and decided to take a look at the damage he had done. To my surprise, I was a little impressed. He not only knew how to turn on and operate the camera - sort of - but he took some pictures of himself AND some of me too. Below are some the results. Of course, I could not share the pictures of me inappropriately dressed for the occasion! It looks like we have a rising photographer in the family. If anyone would like to book a session with Ethan, just contact us! LOL



Lisa Gardere said...

He did a wonderful job ! Lol!

Janell said...

Haha! awww that's really cute!!

Kelly said...

That made Auntie Kelly laugh! Great job "E". We'll see you next week for Christmas and you can take a pic of me!!! =)

The Rowell Bunch said...

Great Job just like daddy.

The Rowell Bunch said...


Hey I synched my phone and all my numbers got lost email me or text me your number pls.

Love Ya,


Monica Hassas said...

Lisa - Thanks! Ethan is too much, isn't he?!

Janell - I am so happy we made you smile! LOL Merry Christmas!

Kell - E would be happy to do a family session for you! LOL

Nicole - I hope to see you while you are up here! Merry Christmas!

Pamela said...

I'd like to book a Wedding session with Ethan. It should be around the same time he's old enough to run his daddy's business.
Have Ethan's people call my people.
I'd like to discuss, fruit roll ups and oreos as a form of payment.

Monica Hassas said...

Pammy - You are so adorable! Ethan would take fruit roll ups and oreos ANY day! You would no longer be "monster" in his eyes! LOL

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