Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving a Week Late

So, for Thanksgiving this year the Hubbs and I decided to do a little something different. We spent the day not only hosting our very first Thanksgiving, but Sam actually cooked the turkey for the first time. Let me tell you, it was one of the best turkeys I've ever had! He was very proud of it too. He now insists cooking the turkey for Christmas too. He mentioned he would like to cook one every other month. That's turkey overkill if you ask me.

Allen, Malia, Maile, James and Jessica joined us for dinner. We felt blessed to open our home to these fine folks from our church that were too far away from their families to spend the holiday with them.

Much later that same evening our wonderful friends, the Wests, joined us for an after party. Leah and I had conspired earlier in the week that we would join the other crazies and go shopping at midnight. I guess we're both gettin pretty old as we were both pretty exhausted by the time 10:00 rolled around and debated on whether we should go or not. Being the faithful shoppers that we are (I won't tell you the nickname our special friend gave to us in regards to shopping) we peeled ourselves off the couch and headed out. Note the time in the background of the picture:

Don't we look just pooped out! LOL

Our original destination was the outlets in Gilroy, but again we were too pooped to make the drive. We opted for the not so Great Mall instead. Boy did we make a HUGE mistake! First of all it took us about 30 minutes to park. Since we could not get in to the actual parking lot of the mall, we parked across the street and walked with about 100 other crazies.

To our surprise, once we fought our way through the hundreds, probably thousands of people, this is what we found on the inside:

After two hours of wandering aimlessly through the crowd and a few stores, we left high on aloe-vera scented sweaty arm pits and very disappointed. We got a few dirty looks, and I believe a woman yelled a cuss word out at us as we invaded her space. Trust me there was no place to move -we never felt so violated in our lives. At one point I even held on to Leah's arm because I thought I would be knocked down and trampled on. To sum it up, misery is how I would describe this shopping trip. If any of you really know Leah and I, misery never describes how we feel when we're shopping. Yes, we're crazy for venturing out so late to shop. Never in a million years did we anticipate the number of people that turned out. Would I ever do it again at that mall again? Nooo way! Did I totally enjoy laughing at our miserable experience with Leah? You betcha!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm looking at the picture of you and Leah in front of the clock.... you BOTH look like you just want to go to bed!
Shopping looks like the last thing either of you want to do but I continued reading and was horrified to see how you both again succumbed to the sick power of your dreaded disease SHOPAHOLISM!!

I will continue to pray for your deliverance! ROFL


Chandra said...

Kel, pray for my deliverance, too! I was out at 11pm in Tulare, made the trek to Fresno where my sister and I slept in my car like IDIOTS until the doors opened at 4am, shopped in Fresno, drove back to Bakersfield, and then ended up @ home 24 hrs later. I went to 5 Targets. It was insane and never shall I attempt to get a bargain on Black Friday. I've come to the conclusion that Black people need to stay home on Black friday and learn a new hobby. Knitting or something. !!!!! Moni, I can only imagine you and Leah at the Great Mall. aaaahahaha We should head out the day after Christmas! Wait!!! I just said I wasn't gonna do that! Pray hard, Kel!!!!!!!

Leah said...

I will NEVER shop on Black Friday again (except for online...hahaha).
Chandra - I always go the day after Christmas and usually find a lot of good things! I am with you both if you go :0)
Moni - it was a blast....isn't it all about making memories?
Kel - Knowing us.....were you really surprised? hahaha


Monica Hassas said...

Ah, Kell - Leah and I are praying that our spirit gets a hold of you! Sorry for dragging you around in the cold tonight - I had so much fun!

Chandra - You are too much! Leah and I would love for you to join us the day after Christmas if you are in town.

Leah - I did have so much fun even though we were inhaling so many smelly armpits! I really am surprised we did not get mugged, etc. on the way back to the car! LOL

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