Monday, May 5, 2008

Lynna's Bridal Shower

Jaimee Prado and Lynna Herras

Leah, Lynna and Jaimee

Siena and Jon~Paul

The Mad Hatters

Ellie Soleil Herras and Jon~Paul

On Saturday, 4/26/08, I attended the bridal shower of Lynna Herras, soon to be Willoughby. Isn't Willoughby such a classy last name? It reminds me so much of the character from Sense and Sensibility. (I am a BIG Jane Austen fan!)

This is a big year for Lynna. She is graduating from Holy Names college AND she is getting married on 5/30/08! It seems like yesterday she was just a baby girl and now she has grown up in a flash before my eyes. She has found her "Mr. Darcy." Jessee Willoughby is a terrific young man who loves the Lord with all of his heart. I have never seen a young man so smitten over a young lady! Whenever these two are around it just makes me smile because their love lights up the room. These are two very special young people, and I am so happy they will be spending the rest of their lives together.

Sis. Herras did a beautiful job putting together Lynna's tea themed bridal shower. I know she had lots of help from the bridesmaids and her wonderful family. I truly enjoyed getting the opportunity to catch up with friends that I have not seen in some time. Plus, it's always a treat getting to spend time with the Herras family. This family is dear to my heart and I consider them my own family too.

I thought I took more pictures, but I guess I was too busy chatting away that missed some great photo opportunities. For more photos of the shower, see Jaimee Prado's blog.

Congratulations, Lynna!


Carol Connell said...

Hi Monica. I'm happy for Jesse and Lynna too. They are a dynamite couple, and I'm sure God has great things in store for them. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Yes, Lynna and Jesse are the epitome of being in love!

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

One more thing....the babies look so cute together!

Kari said...

ooooh those babies look scrumptious!!! Jon-Paul looks just as handsome as his big brother. BTW I tagged you on my blog-go check it out k?

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