Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baby #18!

Just in time for Mother's Day, today in the news I read that the famous Duggar family is going to be blessed with baby #18 due January 1, 2009! Please tell me how a mother can endure that many pregnancies, and manage to raise them all without going crazy! I can barely manage two. LOL

Here's an example of my mom madness as a result of lack of sleep: Just today I waited in a long line at Taco Bell for a bean and cheese burrito. As I reached the window to pay for and receive my food, I realized (to my horror) that I sailed right past the order speaker and never placed an order! I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

Hmmmm, maybe I should contact Mrs. Duggar for some sanity tips. It sure looks like she has mastered motherhood gracefully.

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Duggar!


Karen Hopper said...

Happy Mother's Day Monica. Hope your day is filled with blessings. PS: If you and Sam go for 18, I don't think the babysitter will come back. LOL Don't you know her and Ethan had fun in Target?

Shannon said...


We all LOVE the Duggar family.

Have you ever seen their video? It covers how they all live in a very small house with only three bedrooms, then how they build their own dream home (kids, mom and dad - no contractors), it shows them grocery shopping, etc.

What an inspirational video. After you watch it, you feel less overwhelmed being a mommy of two! :) It's all a matter of perspective sometimes.

Happy Mother's Day to you. You make a wonderful mommy to those two precious babies! :)

Carol Connell said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day, Monica. My hat is off to Mrs. Duggar too. I know Psalm 127 talks about having a "quiver full" of children. Do you think her quiver will be filled with 18? I'm with you............happy with two!

Monica Hassas said...

Sis. Hopper,
Happy Mother's Day to you! I too hope your day was filled with blessings and that you enjoyed your edible bouquet! I was thrilled the babysitter had fun with Ethan and that he was exceptionally well behaved for her. I am so blessed to have her as my friend!


Happy Mother's Day to you! I have not had time to fully check out the Duggar video clips. I am amazed that they have no debt! I am particularly interested to find out how she shops for groceries and clothing. They are a very interesting family! LOL

Monica Hassas said...

Sis. Connell,
Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope you had a wonderful day. Me too - so happy with two! LOL

Anonymous said...

ROFL........Happy Mother's Day Monica!


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