Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brag Session

Every now and then I just have to brag a little on my hubby. He just completed a second photo session of the Johnson girls (Mikaela and Megan - daughters of Todd and Kim Johnson). All I can say is I am just amazed. I absolutely LOVE these pics so much that I want to either try for a girl (hmmm) or buy a tu tu skirt for myself, even though I don't believe they come in my size. (Eeeks!)

Anyhow, I am posting one picture for your enjoyment, but feel free to visit his blog to see the rest of the lovely pictures of these adorable little ladies.


Jana Allard said...

Your husband does an outstanding job with his photography and you have every right to brag. I visited his site to see the other pics and I started laughing because Bryn has so many of the same clothes. Tutu skirt, the polka dot skirt, the embroidered boots... I think Kim and I must have the same taste when it comes to dressing our princesses.

If you lived in Nashville, I bet your husband would be a highly sought after photographer for bands and music artists.

Kari said...

Hey girl...I LOVE Sam's work!!! I love visiting his photog blog...your boys are ADORABLE!!! Couldn't be cuter-we need to get together sometime...I wanna kiss those chubby cheeks!!!

Karen Hopper said...

Amazing pictures as always. Loved Sam using the orchard as his backdrop.

jenenglish said...

Hey girl. I just found your blog through Shannon Evans. Thought I would stop by and say hello. Your babies are precious and your hubbys photos... well they are amazing!! Hope all is well. ~ Jen

Carol Connell said...

Hi Monica,

Sam does shoot some incredible photos. The Johnson girls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Monica Hassas said...

Sis. Allard: Thank you for your kind words. Whenever I have seen Bryn, she is ALWAYS dressed to the tee and looking so adorable! Do you need another daughter to clothe (me)? LOL

Kari: Thanks thanks thanks! I would love to get together with you sometime! YOUR kids are adorable and so grown up! I've attempted at least three times to leave a comment on your blog, but no can do - there has always been an error of some sort. By the way, I took a peek at your wedding pics, and they are lovely!

Sis. Hopper: My faithful friend! Maybe some day Sam can use your beautiful backyard as a backdrop!

Jen!!!!! What a nice surprise to hear from you! Thanks for leaving such a sweet note. Please keep in touch. I would love to see some photos of your kiddies.

Sis. Connell: Thank you for your compliments - I'll be sure to pass them along to Sam!

Anonymous said...

The Pic in the Yellow truck! WOW!!!! That belongs in a magazine. He really is amazing and has such an eye for the little details! You should totally be bragging on him
-Angela W.

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