Thursday, December 27, 2007

A New Bed For My Little Prince

As of today, I am 34 weeks pregnant with our second son. Time is flying by, and we realized we had to make some significant changes - QUICK. So, last week I ordered a toddler bed for Ethan. It arrived today, and my awesome sis-in-law, Kelly, helped me not only put the bed together, but prepared the room for me. (More on this in another post to come.)

In preparation of getting the new bed/bedding put together, yesterday we got out Ethan's baby clothes to take inventory and sort and figure out what we need for the next little prince. As I went through the clothes so many emotions ran through my head all at once: I can't believe how quickly Ethan has grown. I can't believe we are actually having another baby. How is Ethan going to feel about this? Am I going to be able to maintain my sanity? Will I have enough love for two? Will Sam be able to maintain HIS sanity with me? I need more time to plan!

I guess you can say I had a little breakdown and began to cry (surprise surprise - lol).

Tonight, Sam and I put our sweet little boy to bed in his new big boy bed and we just had to share it. As parents, it's just as precious as the day we watched him walk for the first time. It took about a good 45 minutes to convince Ethan to stay in his bed. He came out once to check on us, and we quickly ushered him back to his bed. When we went to check on him a few minutes later, he was fast asleep and Sam snapped a few pics for your enjoyment. If any one of you have suggestions on making this transition easier, please feel free to share! I need all the help I can get.

So many changes are taking place within my little home that it makes my head spin. I appreciate you letting me share it all with you.

Sweet dreams, Ethan - I love you



mik said...

he's a doll. I just want to bite his cheeks

Monica Hassas said...

Thanks Mik! LOL

You must come and see the boys' room for yourself. It's turning out so cute.

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