Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Happy Happy Birthday, Steve! I talked to him this morning to wish him well, but won't get to celebrate with him until he arrives into town tomorrow for Maximum Velocity. Of course I am always overjoyed to spend time with Steve, Kelly, Mia and Micah. We just don't see them enough. A little over a year ago they moved away to pursue the will of God, but I miss them just the same.

Many years ago (Steve was 15 and I 17) I can remember the time I was driving down the street and saw Steve and one of his friends sadly walking along the road holding their skateboard. To my alarm, Steve had just been hit by a car. We could not believe that he hit the windshield, shattered the window and did a somersault on top of the car and survived. God has brought him a mighty long way since that time. Steve would tell you otherwise, but today I am so proud of the man that he has become. I love you, Steve. God is so faithful. Happy Birthday!


Karen Hopper said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

Jen Fernando said...

Happy Birthday Cab!

I also credit you with a part of who I am today. It's tough being under the watchful eye of big brother Steve. You and Kelly mean so much to me. I hope your birthday is wonderful.

SC said...


This the first time I was able to read your post. Thanks for the kind and thoughtful words and the beautiful tie you gave me for a present.

It was great to see you this weekend. Hopefully, the next time we see you guys it won't be so busy.

Love ya,


The Rowell Bunch said...

Hey Moni,

How are you doing? Tell your brother I said Happy Belated Bday. He has the same Bday as Justin :)!

Mine was yesterday for some reason I thought I was turning 35 and Jared said baby your 36 OMG LOL I was shocked.

Love Ya,

Nicole Rowell

Monica Hassas said...

Thank you Sis. Hopper, Jen and Nicole for your kind words and birthday wishes.

Stevo - I love you - God is in control! I hope you have a blast at General Conference.

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