Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Is Here!

Well, at least I think today is the first day of Fall. It is actually difficult to tell because it's not only 85 degrees today, but on my way home from Costco there was a very large man walking down the street with no shirt on thinking he was hot stuff - he was flexing his muscles and all. It actually made me lose my appetite for the hot dog I grabbed at the food court! Instant diet day.

Spring and summer are beautiful times of the year, but my favorite is fall/winter. I love the change in the colors of the leaves, tights, the overcast sky, sweaters, the chilly weather, sitting by the fireplace reading a good book, tights - oops did I already say tights? LOL There is nothing like Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the sights, sounds and food that come with them.

Speaking of the rapidly approaching holidays, if you are at all interested having beautiful pictures of your family taken for holiday cards, please contact my talented husband to book your session. He is already filling up quickly on family sessions. Please go to Hassas Photography for more information.

With the cold weather also comes comfort food! Yes, my favorite subject other than shopping - FOOD! (kidding) Anyhow, every year I try to attempt add something new to my recipes, but am constantly failing at roasts, mashed potatoes, any pasta dishes and alfredo sauce. Could some of you PLEASE help me out with your no fail roast, mashed potato and alfredo sauce recipes? I am determined to master these easy (not for me) dishes. I am also looking for any other comfort food recipes you might like to share. I promise to try each of them out and am willing to post pictures of my attempts along the way. PLEASE don't be shy - post those recipes!


The Rowell Bunch said...

Hello Moni,

I need to book a session now that the baby is here and I lost about 3 pounds JK LOL! Call me ok or I will call you let me know what dates he has available we can go there.

Love & Miss Ya,


Chandra said...

you were right on track when you uttered the praises of tights in your fall lineup. I shall add boots, scarves, peacoats, hats, day after Thanksgiving/Christmas sales, and....hum. I guess I should stop now.

Now, as far as your viewing of the flexing large male...I, too, had the ''pleasure'' of seeing a rotund man walking around as if he was Bruce Lee. I wanted to run him over with my car, but didn't want to total it. So I said prayers for him instead.

Monica Hassas said...

Nicole - Give me a call anytime and we'll set a date. How's baby Jared? I think it's time you post an updated pic of him on your blog!

Chandra - Ah, I forgot about the glorious day after Thanksgiving/Christmas sales! Thanks for the reminder. Next time you are in town we might just have to meet and MOVE the racks! LOL

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