Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Tawni, Jaimee, Lynna & Annette, Jen N. & Jen F!!!

We miss you, Jen!

Jen Nickens is the beauty on the far right

The Escuderos & Us!

Auntie Jaimee & Luke

Beautiful Lynna

Annette & Ellie Soleil

This is a few days belated (as is ALL my business), but I wanted to wish my dear friends a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Tawni! (7/21) This is one great gal. She and her husband, Johannes, are special friends of ours. We always love spending time with them when time permits. I can always count on Tawni to keep me posted of special sales and fun places to shop! I hope she got a little prize for her birthday at the Nordies Anniversary Sale!

Happy Birthday, Jaimee! (7/15) Jaimee Prado and her husband are also special friends of ours! We get together at least once or twice a month for dinner. I especially appreciate them because they keep coming over to dine with us despite the fact that our son, Ethan, is stuck to Jaimee's side the entire night every time they are with us.

Happy Birthday, Lynna! (7/15) Lynna is such a doll. She is newly married and just recently graduated from college a few weeks ago. What a busy gal! We are looking forward to spending some time with the Willoughby's in the future.

Happy Birthday, Annette! (7/15) Annette is a friend that is so dear to my heart. I don't see very often, but love her to pieces! She is a busy mommy of two little adorable babies. We must make some time to get over to her part of the world to spend some time with her and Ryan. We miss you!

BIRTHDAY UPDATE: I inadvertently overlooked two some recent birthdays of some other special friends in my life: Jennifer Nickens and Jen Fernando! (Sorry my friends - I have a brain disease these days!)

Jen Nickens (7/1) is a lovely lady I met when she married her hubby, Dave, and they moved to East Valley. Over the years we shared some good times with them, and boy can she cook! We especially love dinners at their house because her food and desserts are always simply divine! They recently moved to Morgan Hill, and we rarely get an opportunity to visit with these fine folks either, but when we do we just pick up from where we left off! We love you Jen & Dave!

Jen Fernando (6/26) - Jen is a dear friend who married and moved away from us a few years ago! While she was here in San Jose we became so close that she moved in with us for some time and kept Gram company after my brother and I got married in the same year. So, you can say she is part of our family. We miss her terribly, but she is loving life with her wonderful husband and two darling boys. You can visit her blog - its listed in my blog roll. I hope your birthday was wonderful, Jen!

Happy belated birthday, my friends! My wish for you is that you all get the desires of your heart and then some!


Carol Connell said...

You've been blessed with some cool friends!

Karen Hopper said...

Wow Monica, you have a plateful of birthdays to honor. Happy Belated Birthdays to the gang.

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Thanks..I love you! We love going to dinner and coming over - and we can't get enough of Ethan !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Moni! BTW I did find a great pair of shoes at the Nordy sale, now I'm in pursuit of a great outfit to match :-)

Love ya!

Jesse & Lynna said...

I love you!!!We want you and Sam to come visit our little corner of Fremont soon!

Love you bunches,

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Jen Fernando said...

Awww Moni. That was so sweet. I am blessed to be part of the family. Love ya and miss you all.

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