Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going Green

All this talk about going green has my head spinning (faster than usual). I understand that there are chemicals in everything we eat, breathe, etc., and I am doing my best to help my household make the appropriate adjustments. I have switched to green cleaning products, and I slather California Baby products on my kids. It's pretty pricey, but I feel it's worth the trouble.

Next on my list to go green are my hair products and facial products. If any of you bloggers out there have some suggestions on this topic, please feel free to post! I am looking for hair products that not only work well, but smell good too!

Additionally, if there are any other "green" tips you may have for moi, please feel free to share!


Monica said...

Sis. Moni,
This is an area I can most assurely be of assistance. Here are some of my faves and where you can find them:
1.Giovanni- Whole Foods, Longs
2.Dessert Essence (My fave their stuff smells sooo beautiful)

Also heres a couple links to show you the different natural hair care options available.

Karen Hopper said...

I've noticed that Costco is offering many green products. The other day I was at its Santa Maria store, and samples were being distributed for various types of products. Of course, I eagerly grabbed them all. It's an adventure selecting a green world.

Monica Hassas said...

Monica - Thanks for the tips. I'll be sure to check them out!

Sis. Hopper - Costco? That's good to know. I am due for a trip there in the very near future. After you try out your goodies, be sure to let me know what you liked! It's an adventure alright.

Faith Motivates Miracles! said...

You are so funny! Target has a lot of green products. I use the cleaning and laundry stuff. It smells great and cleans good!!!
Love, Noel

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