Friday, January 25, 2008

Commitment Service

On a previous post I mentioned the First Church was going to have our annual commitment services. Myself and Sonia Hernandez are over the nursery ministry. I wanted post a picture of our booth to give you an idea how much fun a commitment service can actually be. We are still waiting a final list of volunteers, but I have a feeling we did pretty good. We even got four husbands to sign up!

Here's Sis. Filo and Sis. Sandy representing the Music Ministry

Kellee Hopper and her crew representing the Multimedia Ministry

Malia and Bro. Parnell representing Sunday School

Here are a few of our Blue Bomber Crew. The Blue Bomber refers to our Sunday School bus. Almost every Saturday the Blue Bomber Crew goes out to the surrounding neighborhoods and gathers children for Sunday School. A few Sundays ago, we had 72 children - a record breaker! God is working miracles in this department. Thank you Jason West and his Blue Bomber crew for their hard work and dedication!

These are just a few of the ministries in our church. I did not have the opportunity to go to each one to snap a picture. Overall, we had a great time at our Commitment service of 2008!


Karen Hopper said...
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Karen Hopper said...

You and Sonia's booth looks great. Oh, I remember those days at First Church commitment services. We had so much fun preparing to actual sign ups. Four husbands? Wow! Hope you are doing well. Know that last night was busy with your baby shower but now please rest.

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