Thursday, April 2, 2009

Western District Ladies Conference 2009

...Oh what peace we often forfeit

Oh what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry
everything to God in prayer

This year for ladies conference, we got a double treat! You cannot ask for any finer speakers than Donna Linville and Debbie Sainez. They both had tremendous messages that touched my heart - well from bits and pieces I took away from their messages. (Jon-Paul went along with me on this trip and let's just say he does not only not nap well away from home and from what I can tell, he is not going to be a very cooperative "church" baby - sigh.)

During one of Sis. Linville's message on Friday morning, she touched on how rather than taking our needs/trials/heartaches to the Lord, we turn to other sources to unload our burdens, i.e. a friend/relative, a good book, money, an addiction, etc. These are all temporary solutions that never fulfills the need. God wants to be our help in the time of need. He is the ultimate solution to our problems. He may not fix it the way we want Him to, but He always does it right.

I can totally relate to this. Too many times I have been guilty of turning to other sources to "vent" when I should be approaching THE SOURCE all along. What a simple, but life-changing message this was for me. Now, if I could just apply this to my everyday life, I know the Lord will work miracles for me.

I totally enjoyed spending time with Kelly and Chasity as well as seeing friends I don't get to chat with very often. We laughed together, cried together, shopped and ate together! There is nothing better, really. I greatly appreciate Ladies Conference, and am totally looking forward to next year!


Rose said...

Amen! I totally is so easy to talk about problems you have an not approach the "source" like you said. Next year Jaden will be old enough to stay home with daddy...and hopefully we will be going together ;-).

Karen Hopper said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONICA. May blessings and more blessings come your way.

Monica Hassas said...

Rose - Yes, you will have to join us next year - it's not only fun, but life changing too! Glad you are home!

Thank you, Sis. Hopper! Love you!

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