Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He'll Make it Alright!

Need a faith boost? Well I sure do and then some!

Today as I was browsing through Facebook (my new addiction) I came across a link on a friend's Facebook page. This was a blast from the past for me. We used to shout and dance when the choir would sing this song and never had a care about a fallen hair-do or perfect clothes.

Did I ever get encouraged! I clicked on the link, turned up the volume, and Ethan and I danced all around the living room like wild Indians. Take that, devil! HE WILL make it alright!

For those of you that may be going through it, coming out of it, or heading into it, this is for you!

(P.S. I just LOVE this old gospel music! Too bad they don't sing it like they used to.)


The Rowell Bunch said...


Jennifer Connell said...

I love that old music!! Lots of church don't sing it anymore, but there's no reason not to! I'm determined to learn music like that...

Kelly said...

I feel like shouting!!!!

Karen Hopper said...

Oh Monica, you have made my day. I love good old Holy Ghost-filled music lke this. Gospel is my thing. When I first came to the Lord, this was what was happening. That was 30-40 years ago. We used to shout all over the platform and up and down the steps, in 3-in heels and all. This old body couldn't do that anymore but Boy is my spirit willing. I have been truly blessed to relive rejoicing with music that touched the soul. Thank you so much. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like "take me to church" gospel music! Makes you wanna shout, that's for sure!


Monica Hassas said...

Nicole - Choir WAS so much fun, wasn't it? Remember when a certain male choir member lost his pants while shouting during choir tour?! Oh, the memories. ROFL!

Jen - You CAN do it! Go girl!

Kelly - You go ahead and shout.

Sis. Hopper - So glad this made your day! I was hoping this would be an encouragement, because it sure seems like the cares of life are trying to weigh us down. God is Great!

Kellee - I would be happy to play this video clip for you when you come for a visit and then you can shout with us in our living room! LOL

Jana Allard said...

I thought for sure I was in Merced on a Sunday morning. They still have church like that.

Faith Motivates Miracles! said...

Moni, who could forget choir tour with Bro Marvin and the pants deal?? Those were good times with Jessica. Nicole did our hair all perfect just to shout it down. We shouted right off the platform and then some. The anointing of God was so strong. Good times. Thanks 4 taking us back.. noel

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