Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Okay, I realize that it is the 22nd day of January, and once again I acknowledge the fact that I have neglected my blog. Trust me, it is not intentional, but most of my (very little) spare time, I have been busy catching up with old friends on Facebook. It blows my mind how many friends from my past I have re-connected with. It's so exciting to be able to chat with and see pictures of friends I have not seen in many years. If you have not joined already, you should do so. Be careful though, it's addicting.

On another note, I thought I would post a few of my personal resolutions for 2009. It's not so much that I want to share my very personal information for everyone to see, but I think it will be beneficial for me to be able to view my blog and cringe if I am not scratching things off my list. Here it goes:

1. Update my blog at least once a week. Yes, I hear you all chanting in unison: YEAH RIGHT (or is it my guilty conscience?)

2. Win a few souls. I may be a very busy mom, but should not be too busy to be a witness. My heart has been picked several times about this. For pete's sake, I go to the library, the grocery store, the playground and TARGET at least twice a week. There is no excuse - there is just no excuse.

3. I shall learn how to sew! If you notice me walking around with an uneven hem, one sleeve shorter than the other or a missing collar, you know I've been sewin.

4. I shall learn how to master perfect mashed potatoes, pot roast AND chocolate chip cookies. In the meantime, I will buy a bottle of Tums for the Hubbs.

5. Clean out the clutter! EVERY closet/drawer in my home and garage WILL be organized.

6. I will strive to be the best mother and wife possible! See Proverbs 31

7. Lose weight and lots of it, of course. Exercise too. I always say I should be a stick figure from chasing Ethan around. Jon-Paul is crawling QUICKLY and should be walking soon - That makes two to chase. heh heh ahem (this is a quasi laugh, but really wanting to cry)

8. Invite a family from church over at least once a month for dinner.

9. Trust God for all my needs/worry less. Really, this is so basic, but sometimes so difficult.

10. Last but not least: Have a girls' night out once a month(for mental health purposes) even if it kills me! Oh, a mani/pedi would be nice too, but I would really dreaming if that ever came to pass.

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