Friday, January 30, 2009

Jon-Paul is 1

From here . . . . (This is us checking into the hospital on 1/30/08)

To here. . . .

To here all in a year!

I am amazed how quickly time has passed. Today Jon-Paul turns one. I am so thankful that the Lord provided for me to be home during this year. I suppose that is why I lose track of time. (That subject for a whole other post.)

Jon-Paul is a precious little boy with some attitude thrown in. I can't wait to see how his personality unfolds. Time will tell. He is not yet walking, but getting everywhere FAST. I'm sure it won't be long before I am chasing him at church as he catches up with his big brother, Ethan.

To Jon-Paul: We love you baby boy. You have made our lives more complete! Happy Birthday to you!


Carol Connell said...

Happy Birthday to Jon-Paul! One year sure goes by fast, doesn't it? Annie's little boy turned one this month too. Hope you continue to enjoy every minute with your boys.

Jason and Mari Rowell said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your little one!

My big boy turned 2 last Sept and I have another that will be 9 yrs old in March ... time passes quick when you're having fun :-)

Mari Rowell

Joel & Angela said...

Happy Birthday to Jon-Paul!

Hope all is well at the Hassas Home!


Karen Hopper said...

Happy Birthday Jon-Paul.

The Rowell Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Jon Paul! One is an exciting year terrible two's come next :) Moni, your boys are dolls!

Love Ya,

The Rowell Bunch

Jennifer said...

Wow, time has really flown! Happy belated birthday to Jon-Paul!

Monica Hassas said...

Jon-Paul thanks you all for your well-wishes! We love you!

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