Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Godspeed, Little Men

A few weeks ago my trusty little camera finally gave out on me. One day, the Hubbs came home and surprised me with a cutesy pink camera that I still have yet to learn to use. Someday (just like everything else) I will sit down and figure how to work this thing. In the meantime, I have been snapping shots of the boys as they grow. Jon~Paul is one week shy of nine months. Can you believe it, nine months? I honestly do not know where the time goes.

As far as Ethan and Jon~Paul are concerned, it's been a time of growing/learning for all of us. Since the age in our church nursery has changed from 3 to 2, I am currently attempting to get Ethan to sit through church. (Thank you KH for that wonderful book - Ethan LOVES it!) That alone is a serious draining task, but add a nursing ONLY squirmy nine month old baby who does NOT like to sleep and you get serious DRAMA. Let me stop and say I am so thankful to those sit around me at church (and you know who you are) who assist with JP while I am wrestling with Ethan. Yes, a wrestling match is what it looks like to those of you who watch me during church and wonder what in the world is going on in my corner! LOL The other night Ethan escaped my tight grasp and ran straight up to the pulpit. (I believe he was wanting to sing Freedom with our singing friend.) As hauled him away, I felt my face red hot, but to make matters worse I could feel every button on my suit pop open. Trust me, I made sure I was decent underneath, but this is just one more reminder to myself that even though the baby weight was gone long ago, I still have post marriage weight to lose - and LOTS of it. mwhaaaaaaaaaaa (this is my evil laugh).

I am proud to report that Jon~Paul is eating almost anything and everything, unlike Ethan. Now if I could just get him to take a sippee cup or a bottle, I would be ecstatic! Enough said.

On a lighter note, we have been making weekly trips to the library and storytime and it has been so much fun. Ethan enjoys it so much that the other night en route to church he asked if we were going to the library. Good times. Even though I could use a little ME time, i.e. a nap at least, I am enjoying this journey with the boys. I could never dream of it any another way.

There is a song I love called Godspeed/Sweet Dreams from the Dixie Chicks. I have it on my playlist. It reminds me so much of Ethan and Jon-Paul and what little boys are all about. The chorus:

Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man
My love will fly to you each night on angels wings
Godspeed, Sweet dreams

Okay, enough for now - really this post was to just to post some new pics from my camera, but I got a little carried away - so sorry.

Ethan and Jon~Paul: Godspeed, Little Men - Sweet Dreams.


Vonney said...

You definitely sound like you KNOW my kids!!! I am practically sweating sitting in church! 'Sydney get down!, Jace come here!, Stay OVER here! Don't EAT THAT!! NO stay out of Mommy's purse! Play with your cars, not eat them!!!' It's quiet for a minute, then I hear, Mommy I need ago potty!..Sigh... A mother's work is never done! The daily reward is the sweet contented look on your child's angelic face as they sleep the night It makes you forget about all the hard work and frustration of raising kids this age...Until you wake up the next morning to the sound of your child playing in the Good times...
Congrats on the new camera!

Sam Hassas said...

What do you need a camera for when your husband is the baddest dude their is with a camera in hand. :) I promise to shoot the boys more hon.


Monica Hassas said...

Vonney -
Playing in the toilet?! Now that is one I have not encountered yet, but I'm sure my days are numbered. We sure need to get together sometime and compare war notes. LOL

Hubbs - I look forward to MANY pics of the boys - hint hint. love u

Lydia♥Rose said...

your lil cuties look the same they are so cute

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