Saturday, June 7, 2008


Yes, I know I have neglected my blog once again. Really this is not intentional, but I just have to find the right routine for my every day busy life and stick to it!

I thought I post some pics of my cutie pies. They grow so quickly!

I was recently tagged by Kari Morgan to pen a six word memoir. Finally, I will attempt to post one. In an effort to come up with a six word memoir, I thought about a few funny things that have happened to me the past couple of weeks. The other day I took Ethan to the park and realized after an hour of play I noticed I put his shoes on the wrong feet! Poor little guy. He never complained once, but I wanted to cry! Additionally, when I came out of the store on Wednesday I almost had a panic attack when I could not get my key to open my car door. I thought for sure my key broke and I would be stuck with the baby in tow. After a few minutes of trying and panicking I realized that I was not standing at my own vehicle. It was a black Montero - ours is blue!

Therefore, at this time, my six word memoir would have to be:

I need a mental health vacation! (LOL)


Karen Hopper said...

Monica, I think you need a vacation period. However, I remember putting shoes on wrong little feet. Can't believe it is still happening after all these years. LOL

Karen Hopper said...

BTW, the pictures of the boys are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Monica, the pics of the boys are gorgeous they are cutie pies. They remind me of Jonathan & Justin when they were babies :)

Jennifer said...

LOL! Poor Monica..I love you! I've walked to the wrong car before..and worse! lol

Carol Connell said...

Ho Ho! I love your six word memoir, because.......................................I can totally relate to it! The pictures of your kids are great. Thanks for sharing.

Jana Allard said...

Watch out, I may accuse you of plagiarism for copying my memoir. LOL

Girl, you do need some time off. Hope you can find a day soon. I can definitely relate. Been there, too. :)

Monica Hassas said...

Sis. Hopper - I fell better knowing I'm not the only one who put shoes on the wrong feet! LOL Thanks for the compliment on my boys!

Hi Nicole - Thanks for your comment. You also have beautiful boys!

Jen - It's only just begun and it gets worse as you get older! LOL

Sis. Connell - I bet all moms can relate to my memoir!

Hi Sis. Allard - So, you have the same memoir too? Now you know that I really do need a mental health vacation because I totally overlooked your six word memoir post! LOL

sweetpeabea said...

I'll be happy to babysit for you!

oh i had that pic of you and Rori and sis.west on my blog!

Monica Hassas said...

Bea: You have a blog! Yay! I'll take you up on that baby sittin offer anytime!

Kari said...

Hilarious...I did the same thing the other day at Costco and my 10 year old know it all dd won't let me live it down!!1

Monica Hassas said...

Kari - I thought you were a seasoned veteran at this mommy thing! LOL It's good to know that I am not the only one who does this kind of thing!

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