Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nicole Rowell's Baby Shower

I attended the baby shower of my long lost friend, Nicole Rowell, a few weeks ago. We grew up together at EVUPC, but lost touch a few years ago. We were amazingly reunited with a help of a friend! Let me just say that God has truly performed the miraculous in Nicole's life. Maybe one day she will feel to share a little of her testimony on her blog. God has blessed her with a wonderful and caring husband, and now they have a little one on the way. They live in Southern California, but drove on up here to San Jose for her baby shower. It was so nice getting a chance to catch up with Nicole as well as with some other ladies from East Valley whom I dearly miss.

Congratulations Nicole and Jared! May God continue to shine His face upon your little family.


MISS NOEL said...


Christina Bousmaha said...

Wow, i will have to check out her blog. I had to look twice at the picture! With God Anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Awww Monica I am in tears right now. Yes, God is truly amazing.

If this is Noel Sis Sharon's daughter omg! Hello how are you hope all is well.

Christina I seen your blog you have a beautiful family. We all know that with GOD that is the only way!

The Rowell Bunch said...


Its so funny... seeing you brought me back so many memories. We always wanted to ride in your car for the revivals, singspirations, because you always had the latest and greatest cars....your handmade tailor suits you always wore, the newest hairstyles you would invent, purses and on and on!

You showing up was the highlight of my babyshower and you got to meet my wonderful hubby! Soon we will get our families together!

Feel free to try for that girl! I give up :) I have four preachers!

Love You,

Nicole Rowell

Monica Hassas said...

Noel!!!!! I am so happy to hear from you. Let's get together sometime soon! love ya girl!

Chris - Yes, with God, ANYTHING is possible! Don't you forget it either. (smiles)

Nicole - You're silly! I won't try for a girl unless you do! LOL I had a blast at your shower and it was so good to be updated on all of your news!

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