Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update - finally!


At least five people have brought to my attention that my blog needs updating! I apologize for the massive delay, but I had no idea life with two babies would consume my days. No complaints here as I am cherishing the time with the kids before I return to work in May, but I do look forward to getting a little time to myself. When I started this blog I had no intentions to let it lag, but life has a way of taking over.

Last week the boys and I headed out to Fresno to visit my mom. I left Ethan behind and took off to youth convention for the last two days. This youth convention was historic in that it would be the last year Northern and Southern California would be together. I am so glad I went - it was one of the best youth conventions I have ever been to! Even better when I was actually a young person - well I still am a young person (LOL) just not a single young person!

Anyhow, I had a blast getting a chance to visit with friends and watching the young people having the time of their lives. The altar calls were amazing (see photo below). I also enjoyed checking out the latest fashions and hair-do's of all the gals. I thought maybe there was a possibility I could find a new do to replicate for myself since I am tired of wearing a boring old knot in the back of my head!

You know how much I adore my brother and his wife - I just have to say they did an awesome job planning/organizing their first youth convention (along with the Barkers and the rest of the youth board). I stayed in their adjoining room and helped out a little with Mia for them. Let me tell you they were physically exhausted beyond measure, but they enjoyed almost every minute of it. We sat and talked about all the fun memories we had from youth conventions past. I do not have one picture of the two of them together at YC because they were so busy they were never together. I am looking forward to the day I can send my boys to youth convention with their mama and daddy in tow of course. Fun times are in the future!

Here's Steve leading service. I am so proud of him. I know he never thought in a million years he would be in this position - from bus kid (practically) to youth president and pastor - God is so good!

Here's the altar call from Thursday night - awesome! I believe over 30 brand new young people got the Holy Ghost for the first time! This is what youth convention is all about.

Dave and Monique McGovern. He is the newly appointed director of promotions for Southern California and also received the youth director of the year award. Congratulations!

Bro. and Sis. Emory - what can I say! His preaching is so "off the hook!" I love this couple dearly and I pray God pours His blessings on them beyond measure!

Jason and Leah West (with my love, Jon~Paul). Jason served as Director of Promotions for the north and holds the position of Section 9 youth director. This busy young man also happens to be the awesome youth pastor at our home church. But you know, behind every good man there is an awesome woman - LEAH! She is not only my dear friend, but also my partner in crime(s)!

Here's Leah and I after we cried our eyes out praying for one another Thursday night. Don't we look like beauty queens?! (lol)

Steve and Brigitte Barker. This is one amazing couple. Bro. Barker serves as the district youth secretary. From what I understand, he did the heavy planning of youth convention and did an wonderful job!


Anonymous said...

I had a blast hanging out with you! As always, I was just a little disappointed at the lack of shopping we did (Kellee will not be suprised by that at


Monica Hassas said...

I had fun too - especially at Red Robin! All I have to say as I will never attempt to shop in Bakersfield again! What a sad little place to shop - actually I wouldn't even consider it shopping. LOL

Karen Hopper said...

It was a great youth conference. We had to leave early for hubby's doctor appointment - but what we attended was wonderful. PS: If it wasn't for Kellee I would never know what was happening to you and yours. Hope you get a chance to post at least once a week. Love YA.

Kevin Hopper said...

Thanks for this post and the pictures! I miss the Western District Youth Convention and all the work that it takes to put it together. Those were the days!

Monica Hassas said...

Sis. Hopper - I was so sad to miss you and your husband at YC! I really was looking forward to "communicating" with you in person! LOL

Bro. Hopper - Thanks for visiting my sad little blog! I believe you and your family are due for a visit to California! By the way, congratulations on your son's upcoming graduation! I had a long conversation with your mom over the phone the other day and she told me the exciting news! You must be so proud!

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