Monday, January 7, 2008


Our church will be having our annual commitment services on 1/13/08. Each ministry in the church will have the opportunity to decorate their own table and bring in some type of goodies to eat since that is what we all do best!

Sonia Hernandez and I oversee the nursery ministry. If any of you have ever worked in the nursery ministry (I'm sure most of you have) then you know it's like asking ladies for their right kidney to get them to sign up.

Since dabbling in the blog world, I know there are lots of creative ladies/gents who read this blog and I would like to ask for your input. Any ideas on how to make our table more alluring to those potential nursery volunteers? I do have few of my own ideas, but any helpful hints are more than welcome!

On another note, yesterday at church we had two AWESOME services! Bro. Rick Mayo preached both services, and he totally ministered to our congregation. His messages were a confirmation of our pastor's vision for our church in 2008! Last night's message was called "Dream Again." I'm sure I could have sobbed in the altar for hours, but was too worried about rescuing our nursery workers from my son and all the other kiddies keeping them hostage. (smiles) Thank you, Bro. Mayo for your ministry, but most of all, thank you Jesus for your precious word that touched the depths of our hearts. May we never be the same again! May our homes never be the same - May we have a prayer life like never before! It's truly time for a "breakthrough."


Samsauce said...

Keep the "kid" theme and serve goldfish and apple juice. I'd sign up.

Christina Bousmaha said...

Maybe you can find a little quote or a poem about how doing something so simple can touch a child or plant a seed in their hearts and attach it to a packet of seeds or to a baked cookie in the shape of a flower.

Jana Allard said...

Is this a table that is used as a commercial booth? Decorate the table with a wild kid theme. Have the little baby bottles that have candy and the big candy pacifiers as treats. Of course have some milk and maybe circus cookies.
If this is supposed to be a table where people will be sitting down and eating, have it all kid friendly food. Grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. Have some kid themed plates, cups, etc. Whatever theme decorate with coordinating toys. If you use dump trucks, fill the back with some kid treat.

P.S. I was just told that Sis. Tasha's dad passed away. Is this true? I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

Monica Hassas said...

Thanks for your ideas, Sis. Allard. I will be sure to keep these in mind and post some pics of what we decide to do in the end.

As far as Sis. Tasha's dad. Yes, it's true. He passed away yesterday in his sleep in the early morning. I believe the funeral is planned for this Saturday in Modesto, but am not sure of the time.

Shannon said...

Funeral time is 11 am.

I'd say, since you're very pregnant,caring for a husband recovering from surgery, chasing a toddler and the booth is supposed to be ready by this weekend.... Keep it simple!

Have your booth workers on their knees interceding to God at high volume for volunteers! People may sign up to feel that they were an answer to prayer, or maybe they'll sign up just to make the travailing quiet down. ;)

Well, at least it's a simple idea.

Monica Hassas said...

Thanks for your input shannon! Sonia and I are just praying that our existing workers will sign up again for 2008. There's no telling what is going to happen. Are you interested in nursery ministry? (smiles)

Kevin Hopper said...

Well Monica I hope that your booth was a success! Did you have some ladies travailing? LOL! I enjoy reading your posts!

Monica Hassas said...

Thanks for your comment, Bro. Hopper! As of Sunday night we did have quite a few ladies AND their HUSBANDS sign up! We are still working on it and tonight is our last night to get commitments. I will be sure to post the results after tonight. Thanks for stopping by!

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