Monday, December 10, 2007

Prayer Requests

This Friday, 12/14/07, Sam is going to back surgery for a herniated disk. I do believe that God is going to watch over him, but I'm still a little worried about it. Surgery of any kind is very risky, but back surgery scares the fire out of me! Luckily this is an outpatient procedure and he can recover at home. Since I am 32 weeks along in my pregnancy, my sweet sis-in-law and brother will be taking Ethan away for a few days (sniff sniff) to enable me to care for Sam without distraction. I don't know what breaks my heart more than my husband having surgery or being away for a few days from our baby boy. Sometime this week, please remember to say a little prayer for Sam and a little prayer for my sanity!

Additionally, my grandmother, Lola Johnson, aka, "Grams" is recovering from a broken leg. She had surgery a week and a half ago and is recuperating at home. She is a teacher at East Valley Christian School, but will not be able to return for some time because she is not able to put any pressure on her leg for two to three months! Please also say a little prayer for her for a speedy recovery. She is such an independent lady, and I know she is so sad to be missing church.

I know God is in control. Thank you for your prayers.


Karen Hopper said...

Your requests are added to the prayer list. Using your words, which were so fittingly said, "God is in control". It is always us that loses it. With love and care for you and yours.

Monica Hassas said...

Thanks for your prayers Sis. Hopper. I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

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