Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Malia!

On Friday, 11/2/07, a few of us gals went to a great little restaurant in Palo Alto named Nola to celebrate Miss Malia's birthday. The decor of this place was just too cute. It reminded me much of the Jazz Cafe at Downtown Disney. It kind of felt like we were actually sitting in the French Quarter, which I have never been to.

We started out with jalepeno corn bread (recommended). Everyone ordered delicious Cajun dishes, while my large 'ole pregnant self was too afraid of ordering anything too spicy ended up with a big fat cheeseburger Cajun style - yep, it too was spicy! How sad is that? As for dessert, well, careful what you order, but I recommend the beignets. These are fried French donuts served with powdered sugar - yummy!

Overall, we had a great time celebrating with Malia. She is a wonderful young lady, and I wish her all that her heart desires on her special day!

I wish had lots of pics to post, but unfortunately forgot my camera at home while trying to rush out the door. C'est La Vie!


Anonymous said...

I thought there were more pictures.....I must be imagining


Monica said...

Yeah, there were more pics, but, well, you know. (wink wink)

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