Wednesday, October 31, 2007


At 8:04 last night we were sitting in church and all of a sudden our building started to shake. Within a few seconds we realized we were having a quake! As the building shook, we watched a light fixture up above come undone and the speakers swayed back and forth. My poor friend, Leah, was sitting next to me and I about pinched her arm off while trying to communicate to her we were having an earthquake. I think she was in daze, because she didn't respond. She just sat there frozen. I then proceeded to run to the nursery to check on Ethan. The children were totally unaware of what was going on, but the nursery workers were just about ready to have the kids duck under the tables. Even though our nerves were shot, Leah and I laughed about it when it was all said and done.

To our surprise, when we returned home, Sam and I found that our large mirror fell off our fireplace and shattered into pieces on the floor. Picture frames fell and the pictures left hanging on the wall were all crooked.

I read the news this morning and found out that the trembler took place on the Calaveras Fault(literally just a few miles behind our home), lasted about 30 seconds, and measured 5.6. I also read that the Calaveras fault is capable of a 6.4! I guess this is a reminder to all of us in California to be prepared at all times because you just never know when one will strike. I have posted a few pics of the little damage in our home.


Maria said...

Hi Monica! We probably didn't feel it as intensely in Morgan Hill, but we did feel it. Some hanging candles were swaying, and personally I felt the floor moving as soon as my husband pointed out we were having an earthquake. Nobody panicked in our house, in fact the kids love it. My sister in law and brother are visiting from Utah and she'd never felt an earthquake before so she thought that was pretty cool, lol.

wendy said...

Hi Sis Monica! when the EQ hit- we were at Bible Fellowship @ Baptists- Singing and Worshipping- then we got in a circle and began holding hands and praying speaking in tongues--- it was like "the place was shaken where they were assembled together" the early Church! LOL awesome huh? don't think we caused it though..
Sorry about your mirror breaking..
love ya lots--- cute blog!!
Sister Wendy

Monica said...

Hi Maria - thanks for your comments! Please check back for more updates!

Hi Sis. Wendy - thanks for checking out my blog. Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Leah's Earthquake Perspective: Pastor takes the pulpit, starts announcements, everythings, starts shaking, Moni's poking my side saying "It's an Earthquake", I am focus on our large ceiling speakers and anything else that can fall and kill someone (so I know where to run to...or away
What a night!

Leah :o)

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